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First words,

Once again we present to you New Testament Psalms. Even though this particular recording captures the praise and worship sessions during Believers Convention 2019, most of them were sung at the spur of the moment during church services, Psalms received after or during a teaching series in church, or a Holy Ghost Meeting.

I want to emphasize the song, “The New has come”, given as an accompanying Psalm of a prophecy given during a conference in Kampala Uganda, it shows what the Lord is doing in East Africa and all over Africa.

We had added some older songs as well, as they were sung during the convention.

Whether it’s “Healing is mine” Or “I am glad” Or “newness and freshness” Or “Jesus has given me” And each and every psalm.

We pray the songs cause you to walk with God in Christ In great depths Amen


I remain Multi-dimensionally yours.

Chris Segun Onayinka

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