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Burdens in Prayer Part 1

Our Ebenezer – Understanding God’s help

Seated on High Part 4

Cell Leaders Conference Aug 2022 – Excellence in Ministry

Cell Leaders Conference July 2022 – Servant Leader

Cell Leaders Conference June 2022 – Biblical Worldview

The Name of Jesus – Yesterday, Today and Forever Part 3

Following the Leading of the Spirit – Inward Witness Part 3

So Great Salvation Series 7B

Seated on High Part 3

Changing your Clothes Part 1

Following the Leading of the Spirit – Inward Witness Part 2

Growing Supernaturally Part 2

Seated on High Part 2

Workers Convention 2022 – Who are you (Serving the Lord in a lost world)

Workers Convention 2022 – Pride

Saints Community in Songs Volume 7B


Saints Community in Songs Volume 7


Workers Congress 2022 – The Message, the mould and the fruit

Seated on High Part 1

Growing Supernaturally Part 1

Cell Leaders Conference May 2022 – Taking heed to you attitude

Cell Leaders Conference Apr 2022 – Supernatural wisdom in ministry

Cell Leaders Conference Mar 2022 – Be thou an example

Cell Leaders Conference Jan 2022 – Raising Disciples Part 2

Cell Leaders Conference Dec 2021 – Faithfulness in Ministry

Cell Leaders Conference Nov 2021 – Perseverance in Ministry

Cell Leaders Conference Oct 2021 – Raising disciples Part 1

Preaching the Gospel of Christ Part 1

Following the Leading of the Spirit – Inward Witness Part 1

Charis Campmeeting 2022 – The Mandate (As we go)

Charis Campmeeting 2022 – God’s resting place

The Flow of the Spirit

Building blocks for effective and healthy relationships – Part 2

Building Blocks For Effective and Healthy Relationships

Explaining the Book of Joshua and Judges Series 1

Explaining the Book of Joshua and Judges- Introduction

The Law in Genesis Series 9A

The Body of Christ – its function and the believers purpose in it Series 1

The work and walk of the Spirit Series 1(essentials of Christian character and conduct)

The Name of Jesus – Yesterday, Today and Forever Part 2

Miracles – Its Theology, Practice and Future Series 1

Two Kinds of Righteousness Series 2 Part 3

World Changers Conference 2021 (WCC 2021)

WCC 2021 – The Lordship of Jesus (The mission of the Church)

So Great Salvation Series 7A

Walking in the natural and the supernatural

Law in Genesis Series 8 (Intro to SGS 7A)

Saints Community in Songs – Vol 6


Believers Convention 2021 – Keeping your focus

Believers Convention 2021 – Times of restitution (The Genesis of God)

These teachings will open your mind to a huge experience in the word and spirit. Through these sessions, you will learn about Christ, know his plan, his power and walk in it.

What is supernatural about Christian meetings

Workers Convention 2021 – How to Help your Church Grow

Workers Convention 2021 – True Worship

Two Kinds Of Righteousness Series 2 Part 2

In the Spirit By the Spirit Series 7b Pt 2 – Spiritual songs

In the Spirit By the Spirit Series 7b Pt 1- Laying on of hands

Sanctified Common Sense

Cell Leaders Conference Sept 2021 – The Full-time minister

Cell Leaders Conference Aug 2021 – Having a clear vision in ministry (Raising ministers of the gospel)

Cell Leaders Conference Jul 2021 – How leadership changes you

Cell Leaders Conference May 2021 – Is your church Growing

Cell Leaders Conference Apr 2021

Cell Leaders Conference Mar 2021- Waging a good warfare

Just before you say i do, when you are done and what are you doing

The Church in Service – Walking in the glory of God in the Local church

Healing School August 2021

Two Kinds of Righteousness Series 2 Part 1

Speaking in Other tongues in your language

The Knowledge of the Holy Part 1

Spirit Led Relationships

The Name of Jesus – Yesterday, Today and Forever Part 1

Hope – Supernatural Expectation

Praying for one another

Don’t be stupid

Spirit Controlled Temprament

Saints Community in Songs Volume Five


Charis Campmeeting 2021 – God’s Glory in all the earth

Charis Campmeeting 2021 – Demonstrations of God’s Glory

Charis Campmeeting 2021 – Keeping your Passion

Workers Congress 2021 – Catching the Spirit (of your Leader and local Church)

The Spirit amongst us

In the Spirit By the Spirit Series 7 – The Power of the Holy Spirit

His Spirit Upon

Filled with the Spirit

In Christ – Understanding Paul’s revelation of identification 5B – The mission of the Church

A New Creation

Our Confession of Faith

Healing in the light of our Redemption

Healing school December 2020

End of Year service 2020 – What to expect in a new year

The Faithful Servant – Cell leaders Training 2021

Culture and Tradition in the local church

Saints Community in Songs Volume Four

WCC 2020 – Understanding Paul’s revelation of identification 5A (The mission of the church) – An introduction

WCC 2020

The Influence of the Spirit

Paul’s Conversation with Isaiah on Utterances

What happened on the day of Pentecost

As we Gather in His Name

God’s plan in the last days is to build strong and effective local churches that learn and uphold the written word and know to follow and flow with the spirit. In this teaching, Pastor elucidates what every believer must know about church meetings

We be Brethren – How to be a member of a church

Walking with and for the Supernatural

The Father glorified in the Son today

Art and Act of Edifying

Heart of Service

What does it mean to serve with a loyal heart? Why is service important and how is this to be carried out in the local church and body of Christ at large It’s good information and Exhortation for every church leader and worker We draw from practical scriptural examples to drive home why Paul called […]

Learning to Write (An important practice in ministry and discipleship)

An important practice in ministry and discipleship. Taught on a weekend during Saints Community Church, Cell leaders conference. It’s instructive and theology. It will help every local church.

Believers Convention 2020 – The Believers’ inheritance (in the glory of God)

The series taught during the recently held Believers convention of Saints Community Church. Relive the moments Meditate upon the doctrine and instructions. Act upon the word Open up!!! It’s supernatural harvest by the spirit of God!.

Kings and Priests in the earth

Blessed in Christ’s Kingdom

This series explores the themes of the sermon on the mount placing much emphasis on the texts of the Old Testament scriptures. It will bless you and teach you the meaning and import of the blessedness in the kingdom of Christ.

As the Father is

We have Great power with God

Explaining the book of Acts

Taking Spirit-Led Decisions

Workers’ Convention 2020 – Truth about discipleship Part 2

Jesus Reads the 24th Psalm (And Paul too)

Finding God’s direction in a simple way

Loving God (His own way)

Spiritual Development (What Jesus taught)

Workers Congress 2020 – Truth about discipleship

Explaining the Four Gospels Series 3 – The Book of Luke Part 2

Recently concluded series. It will enlighten you on how the scriptures ought to be read and understood. It’s brings the bear the Synoptic with such pointed example in Christs teaching ministry. It will bless you

Explaining the Four Gospels Series 3- The Book of Luke Pt 1

The Law in Genesis (Series 2)

The Law in Genesis (Series 1)

Flippant Singing Or Worship

Concerning The Gifts Of God 2

Explaining Christianity

Demonstration of the Spirit and Power (How the gospel is preached)

Counting the cost

Concerning The Gifts Of God

Code of Christian Service

Christian Living Always

Charis Camp Meeting 2018 – The Fellowship Of The Spirit

Charis Camp Meeting 2018 – As stewards of Christ

Believers Convention 2016

Law in Genesis (Series 2)

Law in Genesis (Series 1)

So Great Salvation – Series 2

So Great Salvation Series 1

Explaining the book of Isaiah

In the Spirit By the Spirit Series 6b Part 1

Two Kinds of Wisdom

God is not against you

Explaining the Four Gospels Series 2- The Book of Matthew

Can two walk together? – Nurturing Relationships Effectively

In 9 sessions,we view relationships from the perspective of the written word . The gospel of Christ is a relationship. Believers therefore ought to learn same in the message of Christ’s resurrection. Those desiring healthy marital relationships,singles and married would be blessed by this I believe this series will enhance good relationships and heal wounded […]

Healing School Series 1

A seven session teaching on receiving healing supernaturally. It contains practical and Bible faith responses to God’s word concerning our physical healing and health. It will bless you and those around you

Explaining the Four Gospels Series 1 – The Book of Mark

This is a verse by verse textual explanation of the entire 16 chapters in the book of Mark.All in 6 sessions It’s a study worth every minute . It will enliven the book and take you back to what was written and why it was .

Explaining the Four Gospels – An Introduction Part 2

This teaching helps its Listener in appreciating how the synoptic Gospels ought to be read and understood. It’s a 4 session teaching filled with exegetical analysis in the study of the 4 synoptic.

Staying Positive in a Negative World

Scriptures teach us about a world without the influence of His Spirit.How can I maintain my spirituality in such a world?Use my faith ?.Stay filled with God’s Word and wisdom This 8 session series will set you on a path to walk in God’s word

The Witness to the Leading of the Spirit

In 5 sessions ,we explore the biblical method of confirming a leading of the Spirit.How do I clarify and be assured of what I perceive is God’s leading ?What needs be done to walk in it .These and many more will be seen and studied in this teaching

What to do with the New Year

Recently taught and will bless many on the use of time in purpose These and many more available for free download

Explaining the Four Gospels – An Introduction Part 1

In the past few years we have embarked on a textual study of the 66 books of the Bible In this study of the synoptic gospel,we lay foundation for it here . What is the doctrinal value of the four Gospels? How should they be read? Are there any peculiarities therein.. These and many more […]

World Changers Conference (WCC 2019) Part B

These are teachings meant to spur you into a deeper understanding of the Christian walk and ministry .. EXPLAINING THE BODY OF CHRIST An interesting study in ecclesiology. HOW CHURCHES EMERGE A teaching which allows you to examine the motives in church planting

World Changers Conference (WCC 2019) Part A

These are teachings meant to spur you into a deeper understanding of the Christian walk and ministry .. WHAT DID JESUS PRAY ABOUT Listen and you should pray SUPERNATURAL ORDER Quick exhortations for all believers THE FLESH OR THE SPIRIT (1-3) Another life examining session HOLDING FAST Final words of the conference..

So Great Salvation Series 6b

It delves into the ministry of the Gospel with exegetical and historical facts around the role of angels Who are the prophets We once again explore the mosaic style of writing and more SO GREAT SALVATION 6B and LAW IN GENESIS 7B It’s a combo of the two series

Law in Genesis Series 7a

It delves into the ministry of the Gospel with exegetical and historical facts around the role of angels Who are the prophets We once again explore the mosaic style of writing and more SO GREAT SALVATION 6B and LAW IN GENESIS 7B It’s a combo of the two series NB- it’s advisable to start the […]

Patterns of Prayer

A two session series to ignite your prayer life Christianity subsists and thrives in and on good examples.. In this series we explore the prayer ministry and its modus This is for every minister and local church

Say to Archippus – An X-ray in different possible members in Local Churches

This series will help local churches How should local churches function. How can we avoid such issues which challenge local churches It’s 4 sessions Practical and Doctrinal


>>> Click here to download the song lyrics First words, Once again we present to you New Testament Psalms. Even though this particular recording captures the praise and worship sessions during Believers Convention 2019, most of them were sung at the spur of the moment during church services, Psalms received after or during a teaching […]

Believers Convention 2019 Christ in you – The Presence of God

Believers Convention 2019 teaching CHRIST IN YOU (The presence of God) This teaching captures the theme of this Convention It’s enriching and highly informative

Believers Convention 2019 Quench not the Spirit

QUENCH NOT THE SPIRIT.. The Sunday session and highly instructive session to spur all believer into active service in the gospel.

Fasting and Prayer

A two part teaching on the scriptural truth about fasting Why fast and what exactly is a biblical fast? With examples and scriptural counsel this teaching will set you on course in and on how to properly engage in both personal and corporate fasts!

Living Supernaturally Everyday

An exhortation- teaching Which gives a pointed explanation in the believers identification Here we share practical guide to walking in Gods supernatural for every believer everyday It will bless you in each of the 5 sessions

Explaining the book of Romans

A verse by verse yet didactic teaching on the Epistle Of Paul to the Romans It’s believed the epistle is arguably one of Paul’s most argumentative work What is Righteousness Faith What’s the sin of Adam How do we handle denominational differences These and many more in this 12 session teaching

Law in Genesis Series 7

A continuation in our studies in the prevailing principle in bible study.. A further clarification in the first chapters of the Holy Scriptures How much of the Epistles were written , What is the Resurrection.. The power of God This series should help your studies in the Four Gospels, It’s a complimentary teaching for “ […]

Reality of Christianity

“Reality of the Integrity of the Word, Reality of our redemption, Reality of the New creation, Reality of our Righteousness, Reality of the indwelling of the Spirit, Reality of our Fellowship with the Father, Reality of our authority in the name of Jesus “ Reality of Christianity! Evergreen Truths !

Did God do it – Finding God in the midst of evil

A Four session teaching which encapsulates the truth of God in the Old Testament The questions we often ask are informed by our theology of God These series will set you on a sanctified thinking of scriptures It will bless you

Are you listening to the Spirit of God

A four session teaching on supernatural direction by Gods Spirit It brings very practical approach to hearing Gods voice and following it Every Christian needs to hear this !

In the Spirit By the Spirit Series 6a

A teaching Series we began some years back Taught to complement , So great salvation ,Paul’s identification,Law in genesis and of late books of bible study series. In this series we zero in on the use of Spirit and Spirituals by Paul and other apostles vis a vis Jesus’s use too The Bible student will […]

When is the miraculous?

An exhortation- teaching on the when and how of miracles How are miracles received What role does believing play Can I believe for another.. What are every day attitudes for the miraculous.. All these and more as you get stirred up to believe God ..

Believers’ Meetings – The Explanation and the practice

A recently concluded series It’s a sequel to earlier taught series like Holy Ghost Meetings (by precept and by example) In this teaching,you will find vital and practical information about when believers gather and how each and every one can function effectively as believers in our meetings Paul’s essential teaching in 1 Corinthians 12 is […]

On your road to being a Word Man (Edited)

One of Saints Community Church’s evergreen teachings.. It’s a foresight into the journey of our individual commitments to the will of God Taught 2008..during one of our retreats… Inspired by a Convention I attended in 1997.. This will cause your heart to re-examine your commitments.. We have two different versions The unedited version ( which […]

On your road to being a Word Man

One of Saints Community Church’s evergreen teachings.. It’s a foresight into the journey of our individual commitments to the will of God Taught 2008..during one of our retreats… Inspired by a Convention I attended in 1997.. This will cause your heart to re-examine your commitments.. We have two different versions The unedited version ( which […]

In Christ – Understanding Paul’s Revelation of Identification Series 4a

This series of teaching are done to provide pilot to the theology we present in Saints Community Church Since we began it 2013,they provide much insight into the Pauline theology of identification We proceed here to advance truths about the doctrine of the new covenant and how its truths evolved The basic hermeneutic of the […]

Explaining the book of Genesis Series 2b

This is the conclusion of the book study of genesis yet a continuation of our studies in the book of scriptures This sessions give explanations to events of many chapters in the book of Genesis What did Isaac and Jacob inherit What’s the essence of the Promise Why was Esau rejected Did Jacob get blessed […]

Explaining the Book of Genesis Series 2a

In continuation of our studies in the Books of the Bible ,the book of Genesis Precisely,we proceed further navigating through the chapters A close examination of the First three chapters is done here and progressively so What manner of writing did the writer engage in and why ? What exactly was the sin in genesis […]

Seeing every Believer In Christ – How to Judge others

This two part teaching is about how believers ought to treat each other when they fail It’s simple and practical and will enlighten every believer on how to treat each other In a social media era,we must Never allow the voice of scriptures be lowered This teaching will bring identification to a very practical application! […]

Explaining the book of Genesis ( Series 1)

Sessions which expatiate the fundamental fabric of the entire scriptures This series is part of our Old Testament studies which we had done so far on Exodus,Leviticus,Numbers And Deuteronomy This will be a great resource in your bible study Is science of God ? Can we believe science ? Why was the book of Genesis […]


A two session series on the simple art and Practice of the Believers Devotion It’s necessary for all believers in their daily walk with God

Explaining the Book of Deuteronomy Series 2

A continuation of the study of Deuteronomy This is a study in one of the didactic books of the law of Moses This series will enrich your study of scriptures and cause you to love your bible more

How to read the book of Proverbs

This is an introduction into the mode of reading the book It will enlighten many on how not to read it too Every bible teacher will find this highly resourceful

Explaining the Book of Deuteronomy Series 1

In our continuing studies of the Books of the scriptures precisely here the Old Testament , We advance from our last study(Numbers ) to Deuteronomy What’s the New Testament approach to this book Is it a study for the believer today Much more ,as our characteristic fashion is ,we give a detailed resource study into […]

Let this mind be in you – Basics of Christian Service

This is a continuation of Workers Convention 2019 teaching It will cause every believer reconsider his service Why are you serving? Or ,Are you serving like Jesus and are you serving Him We look at a text many had used for exercise of Authority yet much more lies in there It will cause every listener […]

Workers’ Convention 2019

Recently concluded Saints Community Church annual convention for its workers OIL OF SERVICE- a Session where we delved into what makes serve effective and worth its while This is enable the Christian worker watch whether the service is acceptable or not This will bless you and inflame the embers of true Christian worship THE TREASURES […]

Explaining the book of Numbers

An exegetical piece on the stories in the book of Numbers . As a sequel to our studies in Exodus and Leviticus (with background studies in Isaiah ,Jonah and Joel ), we proceed to see the New Testament Hermeneutic of the book of Numbers What’s the meaning to the Believer in Christ today , How […]

True Joy

TRUE JOY( experiences in the joy of our /His salvation) This two session teaching is a must listen to We delve into one fundamental element of the Old Testament prophecies . What was being prefigured in the gladness in Old Testament utterances? We would see two kinds of prophecies and its reaction in the Old […]


>>DOWNLOAD THE SONGS LYRICS HERE (PDF) Another collection of Songs we sing in Saints Community Church meetings and services As it is with volume 1 ,all these songs came via psalms in the Holy Ghost mostly during services via different individuals . Some of them date back 20 years or more( even before Saints Community […]

How to prepare for and be in Church

In this two session teaching We explore as our custom is the effectiveness of believers in local assemblies. How does Jesus expect local churches to function How important are the meetings Do I have a role to play in church services .. We look at very clear Apostolic instructions in this teaching It’s essential for […]


>>DOWNLOAD THE SONGS LYRICS HERE (PDF) First Words A collection of psalms Sung during our services These songs came from the Spirit during our meetings and are now used during our services Some are already being used in others churches in different places We have put them together in series All songs in this album […]

The Law of Moses

Following our recent study series around the Old Testament (precisely Book of Exodus and Leviticus) we examine a critical component of the two books The words and sayings of Moses Much has already been taught and explained in the two mentioned series hence the need to give a concerted study into a particular element in […]

Explaining the Book of Leviticus

Following the recently concluded teaching “ Explaining The Book of Exodus “, this is a sequel to it . Many had considered this book either boring or inapplicable today . This teaching will change your thinking. Why was the book written ? Did Jesus teach from it and the apostles too ? You will find […]

Charis Campmeeting 2019 – Taking up your Cross

The final session at Campmeeting will set your heart of the course it must follow in Christ These sessions will cause a definite Spiritual eruption.. Relive Charis Campmeeting 2019

Charis Campmeeting 2019 – Realities of the Father’s Kingdom

CHARIS CAMPMEETING 2019.. REALITIES OF THE FATHER’S KINGDOM … Understand truths about Gods kingdom on earth The Four Gospels Utterances of the Prophets Healing miracles .. Demonstration of the Spirit Joy and rejoicing

The Practice of the Spirit

A series in the study and practice of gifts in the Spirit in meetings. It’s a follow up to an earlier series “ Substituting Brass for Gold “ It inspires the believer in how to stay fervent ,full of and faithful in the things of the Spirit.. Why do some go weakened after some time […]

When the Spirit gets to moving

As we prepare towards Charis Camp meeting,we explore facts about Christian meetings , What is a camp meeting What manner of meetings take place .. How do we yield to Gods Spirit and consequently His plan What’s the place of Gifts of the Spirit.. Why are utterance gifts so taught and given priority Who conducts […]

So Great Salvation Series 6a

This is the continuation of a series on the subject of salvation embarked upon 10 years ago We have since unearthed truths about Salvation Theories Myths and many many grey areas including Calvinism Universalism Eternal security Faith Sin Heaven,Hell Etc In this particular series we examine the details and foundation of salvation before Jesus came […]

Bible Study – What the Spirit Does

In this teaching we examine the role of the Spirits work in bible study Where and how does the Spirit come in What’s the role of prayer Can I know anything new ?

Substituting Brass for Gold

SUBSTITUTING BRASS FOR GOLD(series 1) In these 4 session series We glean from the wisdom of God has taught via Kenneth E Hagin. It’s a study around practices in the ministry and church meetings. What’s the order in worship What’s the plan and purpose of Jesus for church ministry and ministry . What’s the role […]

Believer, What you don’t say and what you should say

A sequel study on the teachings “ What God can’t change about you “&” You can have what you say “ Do believers have instructions in the scriptures on how to talk ? Does discipleship affect our utterances ? We examine our words and how redemption and the new creation has altered how we use […]

You can have what you say

YOU CAN HAVE WHAT YOU SAY ( giving direction to Gods power in your life ) Of what importance are my words .. Do I have a responsibility over how I speak Does faith influence my words and how Is it true my words give direction to Gods power Let’s find all these out in […]

What God cannot change about you

WHAT GOD CANNOT CHANGE ABOUT YOU(Irrefutable facts about the New Creation In Christ) We view with utmost delight irrefutable facts about the new creation in Christ The Old Testament speaks highly of the work of God as unmatched and without equal unalterable.. What does this mean today Why did Jesus use the term eternal life […]

At the Apostles’ Feet – What it means to give there

We study The art and practice of giving by believers Are we meant to give without instructions? Does freewill violate apostolic instructions to give Who and how should we give materially This is the core of this teaching

Jesus reads the 23rd Psalm

The Psalms of David are pivotal to New Testament truths It is evident when read together they form much of Christ’s doctrine and so learnt by His apostles We do a purview into how Psalms are to be studied What was the 23rd Psalm for ? How is it to be read today All these […]

Praise and Singing

This is a prelude to Substituting Brass for Gold ,an ongoing series . What is praise? How are we instructed to praise God ? Do we determine how God is praised . What does the Old Testament and Four Gospels and epistles teach on this Find out in this teaching

Knowing and Following the Leading of the Spirit

This series will give you practical ways God leads us as new creatures in Christ. Which things can the Spirit lead us to do and what can’t He lead us to do . We see the use of the Four Gospels in understanding this fact of our Christian life . It will bring consecration to […]

Explaining Colossians

Another continuation in our studies in all the books of the Bible This book is termed a superior christology It presents much in its reading and application today It’s one of Paul’s masterpiece as he seeks to assert the authority of the Christ Revelation in a cosmopolitan terrain like Corinth . We do a bit […]

Authority of the Believer (Be Strong in the Lord)

AUTHORITY OF THE BELIEVER (Be Strong in the Lord) This is a study in paul’s instruction in Ephesians 6:10 and The Whole armor of God It’s a rich exposition on what the believers authority is and its use A further enlightenment is done in how to interpret words in the Old Testament also This will […]


A 12 session series ,and continuation in our book by book verse by verse study of the Old & New Testament Books . This series is ONLY for dedicated students of scriptures. It brings to the fore the theology of exodus . What’s the use of exodus in the gospel of Christ. We delved into […]


This teaching looks at practical examples of Honor as seen in scriptures such as Abraham and Sarah, Elisha and Naaman, Elijah and the Widow of Zarephath, Eli and Hannah.   Showing also the reason for dishonor as humanity, with the example of Jesus and His Kinsmen, Pastor explains the practice of honor as being in […]

Placing Value on Christian meetings

This is an exhortation and teaching on importance of gathering of believers It explains kinds of meetings and what premium to place on them It will reinforce the necessity of believers and fellowship

HOLY GHOST MEETINGS – By Precept and Example

Reverend Kenneth E Hagin said “The move of the Spirit will be lost in a generation except it’s taught”. He also taught about Holy Ghost meetings “The Word given first place; The Spirit given free course; needs met and Believers leave full of joy”.   Pastor in these series, investigated and the whole church practiced […]

THE INTEGRITY OF THE WORD (why the WORD cannot fail)

This is a teaching that reaches the very core and backbone of Christianity. It answers questions such; What is GOD’s Word in the Bible? What is His faithfulness about? What is the immutability of His counsel as taught by the writer of the book of Hebrews? Why does the scriptures proffer His character as trustworthy? […]

Workers Convention 2018 – Built to Last

If you are going to build to last You cannot build your Christian Life on your own desires You can’t build your Christian Life on fame, natural success and exploits You can’t build your Christian Life on things going fine or otherwise You build it on things that will never change, no matter what is […]


The teaching ADVENTURES IN PRAYER is a four track teaching to ignite your prayer life into depths of power and revelation. It will give you the necessary impetus to pray and walk in God’s will and plan It is practical and doctrinal


Our studies through all the books of the Bible continues as Pastor examine the Prophets; Obadiah – His message and prophecies. His style of writing and mode of communication. Joel – explaining some age long beliefs from his utterances Jonah – very crucial and critical truths in his writings, much doubts and nutty were areas […]

WHY TROUBLETH THE WOMAN (Questions and Answers on women from the Bible)

This is an explanation of a raging controversy amongst evangelicals, as touching questions about women in Christ: Can a woman be a ministry gift? Is it scriptural for a woman to pastor a church? Should women be allowed to teach men? What does the scripture teach as proper dressing for born again women? What about […]


What manner of dealings does God have with believers in Christ? Do we have a relationship and then a fellowship different from that? What affects this or both? Pastor critically examined the term fellowship and relationship within the confines of the epistles He gave doctrinal exegesis on what the Father gives and what we ought […]

ANOTHER LOOK AT BIBLE CONFESSION (clarifying sins and confession)

In this teaching Pastor clarifies the subject of confessing and confession. He gave doctrinal explanations and answered questions like: Is there any such practice as “confession of sins”? What is the doctrine and what is it for? Pastor made exegesis on confession from the four gospels, book of acts and the Epistles It’s a bible […]


A follow-up to the teaching, Relationship and Fellowship, Pastor explains how we are believers to each other and how we measure our active practice of the Faith. A study into the meaning of Paul’s prayer in Philemon 6 was also embarked upon. It’s a must-hear for all believers.


In seeming areas where scriptures are either silent or non-committal, what should be the litmus test in our conduct? This teaching explores what should be considered the golden rule for judgement for believers’ conduct. It is very doctrinally practical.

BAPTISM OF THE HOLY GHOST (an explanation)

One of the highlights of John the Baptist’s words was the term, “He will baptize with the Holy Ghost and fire”. In addition, the book of Acts severally recalls this term in the experiences of the disciples, hence, the need to understand this term. A follow-up to the teaching “When is a man saved”, Pastor […]

WHY AND HOW BELIEVERS’ GIVE (Understanding Generosity)

Believers are to give, but what should be the reason for giving and in what way should believers give. This is a study of this subject as stated in scriptures. The teaching explains the importance of the believer’s motive in giving, what the believer is to give and who or what the believer is to […]


This teaching address questions on the law(s) in Christianity i.e. if there are any, and what the functions of the Law(s) is/are. Whether Christians are under any obligation to obey this/these law(s)? The teaching answers these enquiries by embarking on a study of the book of Hebrews 10:8-13, and the use of the word ‘law’ […]


In Christian living and service to our Lord Jesus, our heart plays a very important role. This would therefore mean that our heart should undertake some tests from time to time. This teaching provides answers on the best ways to judge what we do and how we do them? How we can judge ourselves lest […]


Jesus taught about prayer for things, and the epistles do the same. Have you had these questions such as: How do I ask in faith in prayer? Can I keep asking if I don’t see a physical ‘manifestation’? At what point do I give thanks? This teaching is instructive and also contains major information on […]


What things are to be believed to be saved? Many believers might have been caught up amidst confusing words masquerading as the gospel. Some who haven’t believed the gospel at all might even rise into leadership … to such Jesus said, “I never knew you!”. The gospel is a message of and for all ages, […]


How am I to handle prophecies? What’s the modus to prove and receive or reject prophecies if need be? Is there a remarkable difference between prophets and prophecies of the Old Testament and the New Testament? This teaching provides answers to these ponderings. It will guide you on the scriptural pattern in judging prophetic utterances. […]

The Truth about the Antichrist

A study into the facts taught in the epistles. Many have wondered about the signs of the appearance of Christ , A prediction has been made about a powerful being , Some have taught this person to come before Christ others afterwards , Who is the Anti Christ ? How powerful is he .. How […]


This is a nine track teaching on the healing ministry of Jesus and how the believer today can stand as beneficiary. It explores why Jesus healed the sick; was it to prove power, deity or authority? It deals with long-standing myths and gives practical biblical teaching on receiving and walking in divine healing. It will […]


What did Jesus call service? Is it possible to combine my career and the work of the ministry effectively? Does one have to suffer for the other? In this teaching, a clear distinction was made between career in the world and the work of the ministry. It’s worth devoting time to listen, as it will […]

In the name(The authority that comes with believing)

This is an explanation in the use and resources and responsibilities in the name of Jesus. It examines the closing words and events of the Synoptic Gospels and what is common to the four. Answering queries such as; What exactly did Jesus do in 40 days and what is relative with the proceeding Day of […]

Being a confident believer

This teaching is to exhort and teach believers to be confident in faith Pastor by examining the different kinds of believers there are, identified why and what makes believers lose confidence, and what the confidence really is. This teaching will definitely make you a confident believer as you listen.

When Believers Fall

In this teaching, Pastor explained Scriptural counsel in effective restoration of believers who fall; it gives some detail into the causes and what to do when a believer falls. It instructs believers generally as to proper discernment This teaching is very vital for Pastors and many believers too

Believers’ Convention 2018 – Taking heed. Staying in the fight

This was the closing charge at the convention If you are a preacher Listen to this

Paul’s Ministry Gifts

In Christ – Understanding Paul’s Revelation of Identification Series 3c – Paul’s Ministry Gifts

The Life of Honour

Explaining the book of James

The epistles are meant to give us insights into the Old Testament about Christ, hence a common theology. Does every writings of the New Testament carry this weight? Are some of lesser authority than others? Many have critiqued the epistle of James as highly contradictory, is this so? All these and much more are examined […]

In Christ-Understanding Paul’s Revelation of Identification Series 3b

The Greater Glory

A recently concluded series of teaching ,in here we examine a very vital scenario in the Old Testament texts ,Exodus 33,Moses’s conversation and request to see the glory of God What this request for and why did God answer the way He did .. The text Exodus 33:20 KJV [20] And he said, Thou canst […]

In Christ – Understanding Paul’s revelation of Identification Series 3a

This series is a continuation in explaining paul’s gospel . In 12 intense study sessions ,Much research is done here as we explore what peter referred to as paul’s insight and its authenticity. Does Jesus contradict Paul ? Was Jesus teaching the Old Testament and paul the New Testament What was very unique In Paul’s […]

ABC of Temptations, Test and Trials (overcoming them)

Why do we get tempted ? Do the unsaved get tempted ? What’s the source of temptations? Jesus was tempted ,how ? These queries will be adequately resolved What’s the scriptural voice and instruction in the midst of these Does scriptures provide examples of men who overcame these experiences and how often do I expect […]

GIVING AND RECEIVING ( according to Jesus , paul,peter ,James and john )

In this 2 track teaching We examine in very simple terms a critical aspect of the Christian worship of God What is giving ?Why and how are believers meant to give ? Is the believer to expect to receive? What is to be given and who is to give? What’s the reward for my giving […]


This is a study in arguable Paul’s most demonstrative epistles This teaching encapsulates the Pauline revelation What’s the social and economic classification in the gospel This teaching will broaden your understanding in Paul’s approach to different categories In the society and in the church It’s a 3 track teaching that will make any believer sober

Taking care of another believer’s spiritual growth

We continue from (DOING THE WILL OF GOD IN A SIMPLE WAY) This time,after preaching the gospel and your audience receives, what do you do ? We shall be explaining the different scenarios which usually occur from written examples in scriptures. What the role of prayer is . Local church etc What do you do […]

Doing the will of God in a simple way

This teaching will enlighten every believer in our common cause It’s a step by step remembrance and engagement in what’s Gods will today It’s to help all believers from all walks of life in reviewing what they do in the light of Gods purpose in the earth. It will bless you

Discerning the Lord’s Body 2

A few months back we taught during our workers congress on paul’s lessons in 1 Corinthians 11:17-30 We proceed further on a few salient points . This time we look at the local assembly and it’s dealing with different shades of believers We shall do a short preview on the assumption and corruption of the […]

Supernatural debt cancellation

SUPERNATURAL DEBT CANCELLATION ( enjoying and walking in Gods favor ) The scriptures teach Gods plan to cancel debts supernaturally Taught basically in the writings of Moses in the Old Testament and re echoed by the prophets.. How is the believer in Christ Today to walk in the light of such precept , Debts paid […]

Is this Spiritual Growth?

Obeying the leading of the Spirit

Signs of the believers (Casting out demons)

Supernatural Boldness

Miracles – How God does it

Material Prosperity – What Jesus Taught

Living Supernaturally

Discerning the Lord’s body

Pastor taught this teaching as the Saints Community church workers Congress. It is a study into Paul’s instruction in 1 Corinthians 11:23-33. A vital truth has often been eroded by the undue creation of a ceremony from this texts, This teaching is to help believers honor each other. It will change you!

Bible doctrine on sin

In this teaching Pastor delves into many texts which have hitherto befuddled many on the subject of sin. Is there any common sin for humanity? What did Adam do?   Are all men sinners at birth? Do Born again men commit sin and can they sin? All these and more are investigated in this 10 session […]

The Spirit Within The Spirit Upon

A contextual and comprehensive study in the promise within the prophecy of the prophets in Ezekiel 36:26-27,Joel 2:28-30, Pastor provides answers to questions such as; What is the Baptism with the Holy Ghost? What does the phrase “The Spirit upon a man” means? Are there two different experiences; upon and within? A detailed look in […]

WCC 2017 – What the gospel reveals

WCC 2017 – Code of Christian Service

WCC 2017 – Following Christ

Relationships and Service

WCC 2017 – Relationships and Service

WCC 2017 – Counting the cost

WCC 2017 – What Prayer does

Serving the Lord – What it means

Believers Convention 2017 – Understanding true revival in Christ

Believers Convention 2017 – Paul’s Challenge

The Good Conscience

Be Anxious for Nothing

Sensitivity of the Heart – Who Are You?

The Wasted life – The Serving Servant

What’s the Christian’s attitude to serving the Lord?   What should be the marker? Where do we place comfort with our convenience Pastor looked at a major story in the four gospels and drew lessons from there in this study of The Wasted Life (The Serving Servant) This teaching will inspire service in you

How to Judge Prophecies

How am I to handle prophecies? What’s the modus to prove and receive or reject prophecies if need be? Is there a remarkable difference between prophets and prophecies of the Old Testament and the New Testament? This teaching provides answers to these ponderings. It will guide you on the scriptural pattern in judging prophetic utterances. […]

Understanding the Law and the Prophets Series 2b

BEYOND SUPERSTITIONS (Your opinion of God)

This teaching addresses true worship, it will place in your heart, the very essence of true Christianity, Who is God? Are we to find out or be taught of Him? Several get into the faith of Christ and yet retain several views they held or heard of God. Some are developed from our experiences and […]

Another look at Bible Confession – Clarifying Sins and Confession


A brief yet detailed bible study on Paul’s very succinct admonition to Timothy where he puts his attention on sound mind. What does it mean to have a sound mind? What’s the practical truth about this soundness of mind? And in what areas of one’s life is it for? All these and more are examined […]

The Ministry of the Saints

Spirit of love, power and sound mind


Many need to know the work and reason for the local church. Some ask “what’s my ministry?” Is it my talent or my career, while others wonder whether God has called them into the ministry? This is a teaching for all believers in the local church; it establishes the kind of attitude we must have […]

In the Spirit By the Spirit – Further studies in the recreated human Spirit

The Activities of the Gospel

What Jesus did with His Blood

Why and How Believers Give – Understanding Generosity

The Passion of Our Christ

What is the one question Jesus would always want to answer? Why shouldn’t a believer know this? What must a believer receive as the truth of all time about Jesus our Christ? This single session teaching is a study into the most compelling passion in the scriptures – THE PASSION OF OUR CHIRST. It’s for […]

The Passion of our Christ

The Law in Genesis – Series 6

The Present Day Ministry of Jesus

Baptism of the Holy Ghost – An explanation

The Gospel – Paul’s statement of Commitment

Keeping your focus on the Gospel (workers convention 2017)


WHEN IS A MAN SAVED? ( knowing how salvation happens to a man )

Learning The Faith ( Things we do to understand the faith)

What is the meaning pf learning the faith? Do I need others to learn?  What’s my role in this? Am I to rely on the spirit alone? What is true bible study – Reading the bible and knowing Greek and Hebrew words? What is true and scriptural learning? Find out these and more as you […]

LEARNING THE FAITH ( Things we do to understand the faith)


So Great Salvation 5C

RIGHT OR WRONG ( how to know what’s the right thing to do)

Relationship And Fellowship

Why Troubleth the Woman – Questions and Answers on the woman

The Laws Of The New Covenant

Concerning Leading and Perception Series 3


This study clarifies the following queries: What manner of guidance are Revelations? Do they weigh different authoritative value in guidance? How reliable are Angelic messages? What’s the difference between visions and the leading of the spirit, if any? Is there a “me side” to making good use of visions and revelations in distinguishing God’s leading? […]

You can have what you say

You can have what you pray

Binding and Loosing

Father and His Family – Charis Camp Meeting 2017

Greater Glory

Best of two worlds

New Testament Worship (In Spirit and in Truth)

The Wrath Of God – Encounters with the God kind

Not Muzzling The Hardworking Ox

Binding and Loosing

This is a study in the practical love walk of the believer, one of Christianity’s major themes. Jesus gave insights into the Christian walk in dealing with offenses. They must surely come! Yet we can’t be offended. Pastor with a detailed teaching of Matthew 18:15-19, explores the believers’ “how” and “why” in his love walk […]

The Wrath Of God – Encounters with the God kind

Some believers often wonder; does God get angry? Does he punish sinners or sin? Where is His wrath in scriptures? Pastor in this teaching provides well-researched answers to these questions and more, with painstaking and diligent study through the Old Testament books, the four gospels and the epistles, to view, in all the light, the […]

Established in Righteousness

Our Joyful Faith – An excerpt from the book of Philippians

Our Diary Of Signs And Wonders

Growing Up Spiritually

In Christ – Understanding Paul’s Revelation of Identification Series 2

Our Common Vision – Our common sense

Training yourself to follow the Spirit of God (WCC 2016)

The Believer’s hand in ministry

The Art and Practice of Soul Winning

The Local Church And The Work Of The Holy Spirit (WCC 2016)

Explaining The Old Testament (WCC 2016)

Consecration (WCC 2016)

Consecration (WCC 2016)

Why We Pray

One Desire

Times of Refreshing 2 Believers Convention 2016

Praying In The Spirit


Understanding scriptural texts and it’s already established application is the crux of bible teaching, hence the need to understand the use of the terms condemnation and judgment. The scriptures teach that we judge not, yet also teaches that we judge, also we are told that the spiritual cannot be judged, but Paul did judge and […]

Our Authority Over Sickness And Diseases

Judgement, Condemnation and Judging Others

Two Kinds Of Righteousness (Investigating The Power Of God)

Plans, Purpose & Pursuits

Relationship and Family Life

Faith In The Gospel Of Christ (Money, Wealth & Other Things)

Be Ye Angry?

(Paul’s prescription for anger) Scriptures teach believers on the use of our emotions How do I react in circumstances of offense or otherwise and stay in the spirit? Paul gives a hint on how to “ use “ anger positively in Ephesians 4:26. He adds “ let the Sun not go down “.  What does […]

Bible Doctrine On Tithe And Tithing (the practice and malpratice)

Workers Convention 2016 – Subjection To The Gospel

Workers Convention 2016 (preaching the gospel – making disciples)

My Church and I

Law In Genesis 5

The Anointing, The Anointed & The Oil

Understanding The New Testament Ministry

So Great Salvation Series 5b

Wisdom In The Wisdom Of God

Understanding The Law and The Prophets Series 2

The Doctrine Of Holiness (the myth, the riddles & the jokes)

Let your eye be single

Fruitfulness. The Vine, Branch and the Husbandman

Baptism and the Communion table

Concerning Leading and Perception Series 2

What are you really doing? (Spiritual Apathy)

Kingdom of Heaven in Christ CCM 2016

Why we have Christian Meetings

Direction In A Simple Way

What to do ‘to do’ the Word

What are you really doing? (Spiritual Apathy)

Who Really Are You (understanding the father & his family)

Faith and Healing

So Great Salvation 5a

Greater Works

What does the devil really want?

What does God really want?

The Spirit of Seeing and Knowing

The Precious Gift

Grace and Honour in Ministry

The Anointing Within

The Word of Faith

The Training of the Spirit

When we don’t pray

Making Your Life Count

How to Get People Filled with the Holy Ghost

Decently And In Order

Believers Convention 2015

The Scripture Jesus did not Quote

I Am Jesus

The Testimony of the Believer

Wells Of Salvation

The Glory of the Latter House

The Beautiful People of a Beloved Country

Paul’s Three Men

Heralding the Lordship of the Word – The Saints Community Vision

The Saints Community Vision

Unravelling the myth called Unanswered Prayer

Separating the Soul from the Spirit of Man

Concerning Leadings And Perceptions

Interpretation of Tongues

The Promises of God

Interpretation of Tongues

He That Believes

The Believers Love Walk

Knowing the Love of the Father

Dominion – Taking Your Place In Christ

In the Spirit by the Spirit – Ministry Gifts

Finding the True Culture of Spirit, Soul and Body in Christ

The Law of Faith

Understanding the Law and the Prophets

Supplication in Prayer

Stop murmuring Count your blessings

Understanding Paul’s Revelation (Identification) Series 1

This is an extensive study into the Pauline Revelation, where Pastor examines Paul’s verbs and tenses and their applications. Pastor introduces this teaching by going through the sermons in the book of Acts to show that the apostles taught from scriptures, however pointing to Christ. With different examples and explanation of biblical concepts, he lets […]

Charis Camp Meeting – 2015

In the Spirit by the Spirit – Introduction

Psalm 91

Psalm 91

Discovering Spiritual Growth

In the Spirit by the Spirit – Power Gifts

How you are being led by the Spirit of God

Marriage Seminar – 10 Questions

Concerning Utterance

The Message of Grace

Believers Convention 2014

Law in Genesis (Series 4)



You and I in the School of Faith

Inward Witness


Concerning Praise and Worship

Add this to you

Add this to you

In the Spirit by the Spirit – Fruit of the Spirit

In the Spirit by the Spirit – Gifts of the Spirit

Charis Camp Meeting 2014 – After Three Days

So Great Salvation – Series 4

In the Spirit by the Spirit – (Introduction)

When (if) Believers Sin

Faith to Live By – Volume 2

Unmasking the Accuser

Spirit of Adoption

Healing and Material Prosperity in Redemption

Believers Convention 2013 – Our Fellowship with the Son

Charismatic Ministry

WCC 2013 – Unity of Purpose

WCC 2013 – Maintaining The Glow

WCC 2013 – Shining as Light

Prayer by Precept and Example

Investigating the Wrath of God

How to Share our Faith with Others

Bible Prescription to Sin Consciousness

The Believers’ Authority

Flowing with the Spirit in Christian Meetings


The Law in Genesis – God’s Tender Mercies (Series 3)

Understanding the Old and the New Covenant in Christ

Now are we in Zion – New Testament Ministry of Angels

Serving The Lord

Being Filled with the Spirit

Following God’s Plan for Your Life

So Great Salvation Series 3

Faith to Live by – Prayer of Faith

Workers Congress – May 2013

Matters in Corinth

Reigning in Life Christ

Faith to live by – Enemies of Faith

Leadings and Perceptions 1

In Christ Realities – Series 3

Charis Camp Meeting 2013 – Beyound the Shadows (Spirit of Liberty)

Faith to live by – How to Use Your Faith

In Christ Realities – Series 2

Following the Inward Witness

Faith to live by – Spirit of Faith

In Christ Realities – Series 1


Culture of Giving

World Changers Conference (WCC) 2012

Faith in His Blood

This Gospel

Why I must be in a Local Church and Be Committed There

The Power at Work in Us

Forgiveness of Sins and Repentance from sins

Why things Happen the Way they Do

The Name of Jesus

Casting Your Cares

The New Creation and His Relationships

Should a Christian Tithe

Workers Congress 2012

Tongues Beyond the Day of Pentecost

How to keep the devil far from you

Church Leaders Meeting

Believers Summit 2012

How to Walk on Water

Ministry of helps

So Great Salvation (Series 2)

Now Are we the Sons of God

Our Priesthood in Christ

And You Call Yourself A Christian

Bible Answers To Questions On Death

Bible Study For Serious Christians

The Church And The Local Church

The Gift Of Eternal Life

Working Out Your Salvation

Book OF Ephesians

Explaining The Book Of Galatians

How to Serve God

How to deal with offences in your church

How to be a blessing in your church

Good and Proper manners in Church

How To Pray For God’s People

Understanding The Work And Walk Of Faith

A Little Gist About Demons

Unveiling Sin

Understanding the book of Ecclesiastes

WCC 2009

Take Another Chance – A Closer look at God’s Forgiveness