This is our God series (thinking aloud)

Total deprivation, Unconditional election,Limited atonement and Irresistible grace, Perseverance of the saints, is a complete fabrication from Germany and more misleading than the termed “American Gospel”
To claim sola scriptura and believe these theories is to self contradict.
The attempt of a polemic by the reformation to tackle the catholicism sublime universalism theory of salvation eventually left more eggs splashed on the faces of the reformation.
In the coming days,
A line by line apologia and polemic will suffice.
To impose a foreign theoretical rhetoric of sovereignty on God has caused much damage on the christian faith and its adherents.
This will be undone by God’s sovereignty 😊
What I am saying is, Calvinism is not the gospel.
To be continued…
First published on September 1,2020

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