Understanding Paul’s Revelation (Identification) Series 1

This is an extensive study into the Pauline Revelation, where Pastor examines Paul’s verbs and tenses and their applications.

Pastor introduces this teaching by going through the sermons in the book of Acts to show that the apostles taught from scriptures, however pointing to Christ. With different examples and explanation of biblical concepts, he lets us see how the book of Acts cannot be relied upon alone to establish biblical doctrine. The teaching culminated in a look at how Paul’s sermons were different from the other apostles because he spoke with greater revelation.

He, then, further went on to resolve queries such as when the disciples received salvation, how the church was birthed, whether every man is born into the world a sinner, along with the conceptual meaning of terms like ’the Word’, ‘the Son’.

The death, burial and resurrection of Christ reveal his humanity far beyond his thirty three and a half years of the Four Gospels, this 14- track teaching explores the Man in Christ whose identity we now are and have.

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