Understanding scriptural texts and it’s already established application is the crux of bible teaching, hence the need to understand the use of the terms condemnation and judgment.
The scriptures teach that we judge not, yet also teaches that we judge, also we are told that the spiritual cannot be judged, but Paul did judge and asked the church to do so as well
Are these contradictions? Or it depends on ‘God’s mood’ or ours?
This teaching, by reinforcing the use of words both contextually and grammatically, explains these terms and their usage in the scriptures and resolving the seeming contradictions.
Pastor, answers several raging queries like;
Can a believer be yet condemned despite Romans 8:1&31?
What are we to do when believers act in, otherwise, condemnable ways?
Wherein lies condemnation for the believer in Christ and what is this condemnation? How do we partake and not partake in this?
How do we judge others? What exactly do we judge and when?
He explored the role judgment and condemnation play in our walk with God and how to “condemn” believers properly and how not to.
All these were made clear and adequately so in this study of JUDGEMENT ,CONDEMNATION AND JUDGING OTHERS.
It is a series you will listen again and again.

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