This October 2020…get these books

Next Month – November
WALKING IN THE SPIRIT (how to discipline the flesh in the light of God’s word)
Dealing with sinful habits
Building godly habits.
Bible prescription for temptations and tests.
What if you fall? What to do.
All these and more in this material, zeroing In much on spiritual growth
Then sequel to the book “follow up for new Converts”
Is taking alcohol a sin?
What if a Christian smokes pipe? Cigarettes or weed?
Can I do an IVF?
What about a transgender?
What about being gay?
Sports betting?
Worldly /secular music
Is taking drugs unbelief?
What about masturbation?
All these and many more will be given theological yet practical bible answers.
This October
Price – N1500 each
Your spiritual life will recieve a boost
And these books will equally aid many believers and pastors in the work of discipleship.
Out November 14, 2020
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