Seen this on Livingwordmedia ? THE TRUTH ABOUT THE ANTI CHRIST

Seen this on Livingwordmedia ?  THE TRUTH ABOUT THE ANTI CHRIST

A study into the facts taught in the epistles.
Many have wondered about the signs of the appearance of Christ ,
A prediction has been made about a powerful being ,
Some have taught this person to come before Christ others afterwards ,
Who is the Anti Christ ?
How powerful is he ..
How relevant is this person .
It’s a study with humor of many beliefs ,yet with honor for the written word ..
What Jesus said ,and all the apostles

It is clear for all serious bible students

It will broaden your thinking
It’s theology in Christ!

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Truth about the Anti Christ ( a testimony )

“Man of God ,the anti Christ I knew before ,I don’t know anymore
The careful and detailed dismantling was a tutorial for me ,in my years of lectures that’s different and accurate teaching
I joyously thank Jesus for blessing you
That series will liberate many many people
I pray you turn it into a book
I love Saints Community ministry and God bless you all
Lest I forget thanks again for the proper teaching on prosperity,this is it

Thank you man of God

Word is taken over in Jesus name

Revd T.S
( East Africa )”

May 19,2018

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