Out During Charis Campmeeting 2019..Five New Books

A Research into the cry of Moses in Exodus 33.
This book will help the believer navigate through the “ whys “ and “ how’s “ in the Old Testament and Four Gospels.
It will cause the new creation to see and walk in this “ Greater glory “

OX and ITS CORN( Questions And Answers on Full time ministry and giving to ministers )
This book will answer many questions like
What is ministry and who is the minister ?
What is full time ministry ?
Was Paul teaching a mere option in advocating ministers working for a living asides support from other believers?
Why we give to our ministers and how ?
This book is a theology.

We trust this book will lay to rest all kinds of theories around these issues

PRAISE &WORSHIP ( what the bible teaches )
This book is a painstaking and deliberate work at doing adequate exegesis on the subject of worship and praise.
It’s a foray into the old and New Testament on this Christian practice.
Is worship and praise culturally determined?
Does contemporary practice have a say in this ..
With much study into what Christ taught and His apostles,this book is for the local church and pastors in deepening worship and praise .


A Study series in how the Bible should be read .
It will serve as a simple help Guide for many bible study groups and particularly the personal devotional study of individuals.
Basic facts of bible study will be explained
It will also serve as follow up tool for many local churches ..

WHAT NEXT AFTER SALVATION ( helping the new Believer)

This is a book with follow up teaching for new converts.

It contains information and teaching a new Believer is to know and be exposed to .

This will assist many churches and ministries in their pursuit in helping a new Believer get established in the faith

Expect these books in April during Campmeeting ( Easter holidays )

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