It’s a good season and time for us as a church and family. Partnering with Saints Community Church is the best financial commitment you can ever make. You will be touching Lives, Nations, and Institutions. You will be opening up your finances for supernatural income. You’ll be walking in love, walking in the spirit and living by faith.

Here you are starting the journey in giving millions of dollars to the gospel. It’s your opportunity to bless and be massively blessed.

Take It Now!!!

A potential to share the gospel to hundreds of millions of homes…
In Angola, Botswana, Cameroon, Cote D’Ivoire, South Africa, Nigeria and More.

Our Reach:

  • Millions of people all over 50 countries in Africa and beyond via Living Word Telecast on Kingdom Life Network and Omega Gospel TV.
  • Reaching thousands of people via Facebook through our Pastors’ daily posts
  • Internet livestreaming reaches several continents
  • Online Radio Broadcast to millions around the world.
  • ...And many more.

Partnership Account Details

Account Name: Living Word Media Communications Ltd
Account No: 0125958087 (Guaranty Trust Bank)
Account N0: 0030930637 (Diamond Bank)

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