1) Study all the subjects

Don’t be selective ,the manner teaching is done in Saints Community Church is such that you don’t underestimate any title ,most if not All are core doctrinal subjects.

Start with the singles.

2) Be systematic ,

Where a series is five in number ,ensure you start from series one ,don’t be in a hurry .

We teach with much foundation laying .

Starting from the top will confuse you and your audience .

For example ,start from 2011 not 2018 !
I think that’s sensible and logical .

Where you need to listen to a 2018 teaching have it on your mind ,somewhere earlier ,certain foundation had been laid .

3) pay attention

Where another teaching is mentioned during one,make sure you go back to that ,this is very critical .

Bible study must be deliberate not coincidental .

“So great salvation “for example has five parts ,start from one !

And within it you will find several references ,like forgiveness of sins ,ensure you listen to it

Let me advise you ,no matter how you do it,you can’t exhaust the website whilst I am still around ( which is for many several decades ),take that to the bank !i promise you consistency and endurance in His name

So no one is competing with each other ,I play my part ,you play yours

4) I beg you and beseech you for Christ’s sake and the flock ,do not teach any thing you are just getting to know ,it might take you a while to understand ,as it did me.

This is a charismatic miasma,the allure for limelight is so strong in our midst ,we just want to be known .

This will eventually tell on you and the flock and is the reason many don’t stay for long with truths .

Be patient .

No “Mogism”.

Don’t create much mess for us to clean up .

Don’t say what you didn’t hear me or those who teach you say or have said

For example ,I had to caution a fellow ,younger minister who is on air teaching about a statement credited to him about salvation .

Have you ever heard me say that ? He said no.
So you wanted to wow your audience with exuberance and the true message gets lost !

Don’t over reach yourself .

If you love the flock ,you won’t teach this way nor rush them .

There is no competition ,say after me ,there is no competition !

If you know me I am very patient in and with subjects ,I can take five to six years to explain a basic concept .

Please take this lead .

We trust God,that shortly a million ministers of the Word and Spirit will cover the earth .

Trust this helps .

I call you blessed

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