Charis Camp Meeting 2019

    Unilag Multipurpose Hall, Lagos


    Why we hold Charis Campmeeting

    “Heralding the Lordship of the Word,Demonstrating the influence and character of the Spirit ”

    This is our mandate in all the Nations of the earth .

    Special meetings give us an avenue to fulfil this .

    Charis Campmeeting is a special meeting .

    It carries the same Flavour and character of meetings of such nature in the Book of Acts .

    More recently ,Kenneth Hagin Ministries Campmeeting ( started since 1973) has inspired this for us.

    In the Mornings and Afternoons the emphasis is more on teaching and explaining realities of the Pauline revelation ,the believers identification in Christ and how faith works

    In the evenings ,we have more of utterance ,revelation and power gifts in operation and demonstration .Joy ,much glory ,tangibilities in the spirit .

    The unsaved have received salvation

    The saved edification ,spiritual growth and ministry .

    Ministers have received fresh fire ,

    New ministries birthed ,

    The sick in uncountable numbers healed through this conference .

    Miracles of diversities of gifts seen, heard and known .

    That’s why I want to invite you to this years Campmeeting .

    No entertainment ,no comedy or side attractions to expect

    Just the Word in Explanation with clarity and depth .The Spirit in awesome demonstration and power ,the church better off for it.

    This year as usual we hold it during the Easter holidays ,so keep it free

    Thursday April 18th-Monday April 22nd,2019

    Multi Purpose Hall,University of Lagos

    Ensure you attend and much more invite a friend .

    This year we will see greater grace and glory .In the year of more and much more

    Jesus glorified and His church in His glory trail .

    I assure you,your life ,ministry ,nation and work will never remain the same for good.

    For further contact and information you can call the following numbers


    I am expecting to recieve you at charis Campmeeting 2019,more than an event,it’s Gods vision vision for your life and ministry

    I call you blessed

    Multidimensionally Yours

    Chris Segun Onayinka

    Saints Community Church .


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